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How to work out your tarot soul card for yourself:

I strongly believe the best reason for consulting the tarot is to gain the information you need to produce the outcomes you desire. I often find while consulting the cards, for my clients, and myself that it is we ourselves who stand in the way of achievement of our needs and wants. Tarot invariably points to the path of spiritual growth and understanding. An experienced tarot reader has easy access to this path via her/his knowledge of the cards but where can someone with little or no knowledge of the tarot start? The answer lies in discovering your soul card. At any given moment we reflect an image found in the tarot. Your soul card reflects you at your most basic for this lifetime.

These cards are found by combining a bit of numerology with the tarot. You take your birth date and numerologically reduce it to a single digit. Your soul card is the corresponding card from the major arcana of the tarot. For example, my birth date is 22 August 1955. So I add 2+2+8+1+9+5+5 = 32 –> 3+2 = 5. Thus, my birth number is five. This makes my soul card 5 - The Heirophant. If you get a double digit answer, keep adding the digits together until you get a single digit number. Your birth number will be a number between 1 - 9. Once you know your birth number, follow the appropriate link below to download a .pdf that explains your soul card:

Your birth number is one (1)

Your birth number is two (2)

Your birth number is three (3)

Your birth number is four(4)

Your birth number is five (5)

Your birth number is six (6)

Your birth number is seven (7)

Your birth number is eight (8)

Your birth number is nine (9)

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