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Tarot Reading Ethics

It is my personal opinion and belief that true ethics cannot be codified. Ethical decisions must be made as an individual situation arises and thus ethics continually grow and evolve. I would therefore wish to caution anyone searching for a reading to be wary of any reader who points to their own code of ethics or an ethical code developed by an organisation as their own hard and fast rules. This will be a person who has surrendered their own growth and development as an ethical person. That said, I do see value in considering potential situations and deciding what one's ethical position is in advance. What follows are the considerations I have made about my own ethics for reading tarot cards. None of these are set in stone, but continue to grow and evolve. There are exceptions to every rule.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that there are those who seek to take advantage of others. The tarot / psychic community is full of them. The reading itself will consist of things that are true of anyone. You can easily recognise them if you know the signs: The reading itself will be inexpensive, that is $20 or less. During the course of the reading, probably at the end of the reading, the reader will tell you that you have something wrong with you that only they can fix. The fix they offer will be complicated and/or expensive. Don't fall for it.

1. I don’t ordinarily give readings to anyone under the age of 18 without parental permission and/or presence. One exception is when I'm reading in public open space for free. In that situation, I will read for unaccompanied teens. Another exception is when I'm at an event in my tarot reading tent. If a child appears unaccompanied, wishes a reading and has the money, I assume parental permission.

2. All readings are entirely confidential - in other words your reading will not in any form be disclosed as yours to any other person by myself. You may discuss your reading with whomever you wish. The one exception is if I am obligated by law to notify the relavent authorities.

3. I am completely honest about what the cards show me. I will tell you exactly what the cards indicate - after all, that’s what you pay me for - to tell you what the cards say.

4. I do not give financial, legal, medical or any other advice that I’m not professionally qualified to give.

5. I will answer any questions you have about a reading without further fee. I invite you to enter a dialog during your reading. I will expect you to record the reading so you can refer to it later. I will not remember your reading at a later date.

6. Tarot cards do not predict the only future - but they can and frequently do predict the future a person is on the path toward. The problem with foretelling the future is that for each person their future is created by everthing they do, everything they say and everything they think. If you change your actions, speech or thoughts as the result of having a tarot reading, then you will change the future for yourself.

7. I will provide when asked by a client with my opinion and advice on any possible course of action, but I cannot make my client’s decisions for them. Clients are solely responsible for any decision they make or any course of action they take. Advice from anywhere that goes against your inner feelings should be met with scepticism.

8. I do not make value judgements. Clients must decide what is right or wrong for themselves.

Why have a tarot reading?

The truth is each and every person on the planet creates their own future with every thought, word and action. You get a tarot reading to get the information about what you need to do in order to achieve the future you want.

How I work:

For me tarot is a book of answers and for this reason I prefer to work from questions. Tarot cards will not make folks’ decisions for them, but they will provide a range of options for various courses of action. Questions can be about anything: love & relationships, money & career, or even your spiritual path. At the start of your reading I will ask your birth date to determine your soul card. From there I ask you to shuffle the cards while thinking of your question. Then I interpret the cards you’ve chosen and invite you to enter a dialogue about your personal situation. You should come away from your reading with things to think about.


Page last updated 7th July 2018