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I am Major Tom Schick. I've run the Learn Tarot course at various venues since 2002. I've helped dozens of people to learn to read cards successfully. I am a professional tarot reader and I am passionate about my work. I actually prefer to teach people to read the cards for themselves than to read the cards for them because once someone learns to read the cards for themselves they have the tools to transform their own lives according to their desires. I have presented workshops singly and at conferences in Melbourne, London, San Francisco, Dallas, Las Vegas, Portland, and New York. I know my stuff and I know how to communicate it to you.

Recent class participants

If you're reading this now you've probably thought about learning to read the cards. As you might know, Tarot is a deck of 78 symbolic cards that depict all aspects of the human condition. Popularly thought of as a device for "fortune telling", which of course it is, Tarot is also a respected and powerful tool for personal growth, transformation and insight. There are huge numbers of books and websites that all promise to teach you how to read the cards but they often contradict each other and it can be difficult finding the answers to your questions. It can feel like it will take forever to learn all 78 cards on your own.

Now if you live in the Dallas area: Help is at hand.

I don't teach you to read tarot the way I do. I teach you to read tarot the way you do.

Recent course participants

For full details and class schedules please visit my Meetup Group.

I can honestly say you won't find anyone better qualified to teach you to read tarot cards.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what people who've attended the course have to say:

"Tom is a wonderful teacher. Over the course of several weeks, I've come to realize just how effective his methods are for teaching us to truly understand what the cards are telling us. I came into his course after having read a lot of books about Tarot, but nothing you find in a book will begin to equal what you'll learn in his class. If you're serious about learning Tarot, or just learning more about yourself, take Tom's course. You'll be very glad you did." Jane, Carrollton, Texas

"Tom's class was instrumental in getting me on my path as a professional reader. His insights are startling and he really empowers you to connect to Tarot in your own way. It's a game-changer. I would not be where I am without you, Tom!" Elizabeth, Dallas, Texas

Before choosing to take Learn Tarot with Major Tom Schick I put a lot of thought into my decision to expand upon my independent study of the tarot by attending an official class. As a college student who also works full time, my funds and my time are extremely limited. I did research on several local tarot teachers in my area before deciding on Major Tom's Learn the Tarot course. In my past I found the tarot to be such an immense help with my own mental health struggles. Because of this, I have made it my mission to steep myself in the wisdom of the tarot and set out to share the guidance which has so helped me by working as a professional reader. Major Tom, through taking me under his wing and being a phenomenal teacher, has helped me monumentally to bring my dream into fruition. I highly recommended this course from the bottom of my heart! -Raven Thomasin, Richardson, Texas 

"I am so pleased that I attended Major Tom's 10-week Learn Tarot Course: Major Tom's style of teaching is very supportive and he subtly facilitates the lessons so that everyone feels valued and no-one feels threatened. In fact everyone on my course said they learned so much about themselves over the 10 weeks. We really gelled as a group too and many of us have remained in close contact since the course ended." Sarah, Bury St E dmunds, Suffolk, England.

"Course content although outlined was open to interpretation by the group. The second half of each class we took it where we wanted it to go (or to what we needed)." Deb, Dallas, Texas.

"I liked being able to learn about tarot in an honest environment with other like-minded people. I really learned a lot. Tom is great!" Mel, Rowlett, Texas

"I would like to say that I found your guidance to be inspirational. You allowed us to develop our 'reading' skills by encouraging us to use our own intuition and interpretation of the cards and you did this skilfully and sensitively, and with humour! " Sue, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England. 

"I think your class was one of the best I ever participated in!  Just sayin' you're f'n good!" Kris, Dallas, Texas

"Tom was very trusting and he easily guided us through the meanings of the cards and we were able to trust him very early in the class." Kirtna, Irving, Texas

"I really looked forward to coming to class and thought the content had an excellent flow and progression." Lori, Allen, Texas

"Tom is very nice and a great instructor. He knows a lot about tarot and teaches in a way that makes it easy to understand and absorb the material and allows us to feel comfortable in giving our interpretations of the cards." Dani, Garland, Texas

"I thought it was a great class. It was like a 'reset' button. I feel like I have all the tools I need to do exacty what I want to do with tarot." Joshaa, Fort Worth, Texas

"I can say, that I haven't had this wonderful of a learning experience in a very long time! I will suggest your class to anyone I meet who wants to learn to read The Cards." Cheryl, Plano,Texas

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